Insurances for Expats Living in Germany

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Independent insurance broker – fluently speaking English – specialized in all insurance issues concerning expats working and living in Germany.

„I will never forget the help of some good friends when I moved to London. Everything in this great town seemed so new and unknown to me and of course there were also many bureaucratic issues I didn’t know about and had to deal with until I accommodated completely. After many years living in England I moved back to Munich and decided to assist people coming from abroad to get in touch with the city as easy as possible and to advise them in any kind of insurance needed for their stay in Germany.“

The German insurance system is one of the most complicated in the world. Mostly all aspects of life can be solved by an appropriate insurance cover. Never the less we know from experience that it can be annoying to take out several insurance policies. We do not only advice you in this field but also supply you with the best solution amongst more than 120 existing insurance companies, whereby our focus is on reasonable premiums as well as a for your specific needs suitable cover for the duration of your stay in Germany.

You receive professional advice on following insurance types:
– Health insurance
– Legal insurance
– Content insurance
– Disability insurance
– Liability insurance
– Accident Insurance

Private Liability Insurance
In Germany everybody is by law liable who causes damage – even carelessly or innocently and therefore has to come up for the caused damage. We recommend to take on a liability insurance that covers the costs of damage and also covers your spouse and Your children. Liability insurances normally cost less than 100.- Euro per year. Dogs and pets as well as vehicles have to be insured separately.
Liability insurance for professionals is more expensive and covers higher risks and damages caused in execution of your profession. Please ask for a separate policy for professional needs and we will provide you with a unique cover corresponding to your individual claims.

Household or Home Insurance
This insurance protects you against the loss or damage of contents in your house. It includes your complete furniture, clothes, computers and other valuable items that belong to your personal property, If your belongings include expensive jewellery and art collection.
Household policies cover the risks of damages by fire, storm or water and by burglary or vandalism.
For enquiries please contact us for an all risk coverage. The costs for this insurance also depend on the size of your home and if you are self-employed and work in your home using one room as your office. In this case it is necessary to insure the office equipment separately.
We strongly recommend to arrange a personal consultation in oder to analyse your individual situation so that we can provide you with the best coverage for your needs.

Legal Assistance insurance
As in Germany most of the severe legal problems are solved by court, no matter if there are disagreements with tax authorities, employers, landlords or merchants we strongly recommend to take on a legal insurance. Especially for an expat, living abroad and experiencing totally different traditions and legal systems from home and not understanding the complicated foreign terminologies.
The legal insurance covers all costs related to expenses for attorneys and court no matter if you win the case or not. If you are self-employed you will need a special coverage for professionals.
For any questions please contact us in this matter.

In case of an accident or severe illness that can cause disablement to work in your present job this insurance covers you with a regular income till you get retired (Age of 67). The pension wil be paid out even when you take on another job in another area and if you go back to your home country.
For further advice please contact us. We will help you to find the best solution for you and assist you in case of damage.


Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler

Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler
Destouchesstr.68, 2nd floor,  80796 München, Tel: 089 74 999 997



Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler