Insurances for Expats Living in Germany

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Franz Leeb  Independent Insurance Broker

Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler


Reinekstr.4, 81545 München

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Bavaria Business Center Munich, Radlkoferstrasse 2, 81373 Munich.
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Independent insurance broker – fluently speaking English – specialized in all insurance issues concerning expats working and living in Germany.


„I will never forget the help of some good friends when I moved to London. Everything in this great town seemed so new and unknown to me and of course there were also many bureaucratic issues I didn’t know about and had to deal with until I accommodated completely. After many years living in England I moved back to Munich and decided to assist people coming from abroad to get in touch with the city as easy as possible and to advise them in any kind of insurance needed for their stay in Germany.“


The German insurance system is one of the most complicated in the world. Mostly all aspects of life can be solved by an appropriate insurance cover. Never the less we know from experience that it can be annoying to take out several insurance policies. We do not only advice you in this field but also supply you with the best solution amongst more than 120 existing insurance companies, whereby our focus is on reasonable premiums as well as a for your specific needs suitable cover for the duration of your stay in Germany.

You receive professional advice on following insurance types:
– Health insurance
– Legal insurance
– Content insurance
– Disability insurance
– Liability insurance
– Accident Insurance




Franz Leeb Versicherungsmakler
Reinekestr.4, 81545 München,

Tel: 089 74 999 997


Our partners:

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