Are you having a baby in Germany?

This short guide can help parents- to  find the best medical care for their baby.


  1. Contact the corresponding local midwife to arrange appointments on your behalf with a medical team and the next hospital.

  1. If you prefer a midwife speaking English you can also find some recommendations in several service pages like, or
  1. The midwife will arrange the appointment with the clinic of your choice and you will be asked to complete the registration process. The hospital also offers an information evening where parents to be can visit the delivery suite and meet the staff.
  1. Don’t forget to organize the “Mutterpass” (maternity record) from your doctor. This is a very important document and has to be carried to every doctor’s appointment until giving birth.
  1. For any special treatment, please check if your health insurance does cover the costs. Especially when it comes to demanding a single bedroom, special care of midwife, some birthing preferences or special medical care.
  1. When it comes to the birth date it is helpful to call the hospital about your arrival. Please bring the following items:

Marriage certificate

Birth certificate of parents

Child health record

Maternity Record

Personal belongings for the stay in hospital (average stay is 5 days) like night clothes, dressing gown, toiletries, towels, clothes for the baby, slippers and a good book.

Don’t forget to ask for the “Geburtsmeldung” (notification of birth) of your child. The administration office of the hospital will hand it out to you.

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