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expat messe 2016

International Expat Fair in Munich

Don’t miss this international fair, “Expat in the City”.

It gives you all the  necessary information related to expat  life and career in Germany.

A huge variety of interesting topics  will be presented  by specialized exhibitors and providers. concerning education, inforamtion about german burocracy, relocation service, how to deal with regional differences, child care, health care and social security.

Franz Leeb as an insurance specialist  for expats  will be available for you at the booth of terratax, terratax the tax specialist for expats.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the fair.


It will take place on SUNDAY, 12th  march, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In BMW Welt, Am Olympiapark 1, 80801 München.



Household or Home Insurance

This insurance protects you against the loss or damage of contents in your house.



It includes your complete furniture, clothes, computers and other valuable items that belong to your personal property, If your belongings include expensive jewellery and art collection.
Household policies cover the risks of damages by fire, storm or water and by burglary or vandalism. Continue reading


Insurance protection against flooding

As in Germany rainy days are increasing it is getting more and more probable that high water could flood houses even in non flood zones.



Short time ago the “Bild Zeitung” one of the biggest newspapers in Germany reported about a family living in South Germany who lost all their belongings because of  flooding due to heavy rain showers. Thanks to a proper insurance they will now receive a refund of their entire belongings. Continue reading


Term Life Insurance – Insurability of HIV positiv people

Better medical therapies and higher life expectancy nowadays also enable HIV infected people to close a term life insurance in Germany in favor to their relatives or partners.



In the past  it was not possible to cover the life risk when the insuree was infected. Now the situation has changed thoroughly because the insurance companies have new data about the progression of the deseas over the last ten years. Continue reading


Some Facts about the Expat Fair in Munich

The total number of visitors  on 6 of March 2016 was: 1939 visitors

More than 82 nationalities where at the fair. Their stay in Germany ranges from less than a week to 45 years.  Germans new to Munich also visited the Fair. The visitor’s  nationalities with largest numbers are Americans and Brits.

75 organisations and companies exhibited this year. Over 21 work shops took place in the conference center of the BMW world. The variety of the issues was very big: Experts presented information about the Bavarian school system, Indian dance school, studying in Germany, no fear of German bureaucracy, foreign skills approvals, expats career coaching and many more. The presentations where joined by aprox. 800 visitors.


The fair was very successful and many expats received  help and support in different fields.


We hope that the fair will help   many people even more  next year. For any suggestions and recommendation, please leave us your comment.



expat messe 2016

Inspiring and pleasant Expat fair in Munich

Even the sunny spring weather on sunday the 6th of march couldn’t stop hundreds of expats visiting the “expat in the city fair” in the BMW Welt in Munich.

A lots of information for many aspects of life was given by various local companies. Each of them represented their services and support in a booth. Our team advised and informed visitors about legal issues, taxes and insurances in Germany. (see photo below)


Our presentation “no fear of German burocracy” was very successful. More than 100 person came and listened carfully to our tipps. Every one who joined the event received a hand out of the presentation.


Beside the business talks we met very interesting and kind people from all over the world. It was a pleasure for us to participate at the fair and we spend a wonderful time together.