Insurance protection against flooding

As in Germany rainy days are increasing it is getting more and more probable that high water could flood houses even in non flood zones.



Short time ago the “Bild Zeitung” one of the biggest newspapers in Germany reported about a family living in South Germany who lost all their belongings because of  flooding due to heavy rain showers. Thanks to a proper insurance they will now receive a refund of their entire belongings.

It is important to know that a normal house hold insurance does not cover flood damages. Therefore it is necessary to take on an extra component that also covers flood damages. The normal house hold insurance (in German Hausratversicherung) covers damages due to fire, water, electricity and robbery damages but not automatically high water damages. Therefore it is required to ask the insurance broker to include an elementary add on that covers damages from storms and natural forces. This insurance is helpful for owners and tenants of houses and ground floor apartments. The rates vary between 50 and 450 Euro per year with a personal contribution of aprox. 10 %.

What should you do in case of damage?

  1. Try to stop the water coming into the house. The insurance demands all necessary measures to be done by the policy holder to avoid further damages. You cannot just watch the water rising and call the insurance broker for help.
  2. Before tiding up everything make photos of the damaged furniture and house hold and send them to your insurance broker who is in charge of handling the damage for you.
  3. Write a complete loss and damage list, including price and value of each item. If possible attach the receipts if they still are available.
  4. Before doing any further steps contact your insurance broker, as he knows best how to deal with the insurance company so that you get a proper reimbursement for your losses.

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