Occupational Disability Insurance in Germany

Requirements, conditions and benefits of one of the most important insurance coverages for expats working in Germany.



What is an „Occupational Disability Insurance and why is it very important“?

This private insurance replaces lost income when the insured has no more ability to work in his previous occupation for a certain period or for an undetermined time due to illness or injury. The range of illness who can cause occupational disability is big. From back problems, burn out to severe diseases. The occupational disability insurance is one of the most requested in Germany. Applicants for this policy should be in good health conditions. Never the less an admission can also be successful when previous illnesses do exist. It is recommendable to demand professional advice from an independent insurance broker in Germany as there are too many individual coverage possibilities and conditions.

Who needs a disability insurance?

Everyone. Especially self-employed and free lancers.

When is some one entitled for a benefit from the insurance?

If you cannot execute your profession for at least 6 months you can consult any doctor who will issue the medical findings for your insurance.

How long will the insurance pay the disability pension?

The insurance basically pays as long as you are disabled to work in your profession. The pension is payed monthly until the age of 67. There are also new concepts which contain paying of live long pensions.

What happens if the policy holder does another job in another professional field?

He is still entitled for the full disability pension from the insurance company and can receive in addition his salary from the new job.


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