Term Life Insurance – Insurability of HIV positiv people

Better medical therapies and higher life expectancy nowadays also enable HIV infected people to close a term life insurance in Germany in favor to their relatives or partners.



In the past  it was not possible to cover the life risk when the insuree was infected. Now the situation has changed thoroughly because the insurance companies have new data about the progression of the deseas over the last ten years. Due to a study of the reinsurance company Swiss Re titled „insurability of HIV positiv people treated with antiretroviral therapy in Europe“ it was found out that infected people have a nrormal life expectancy when treated with a certain combination of high potential medication, the so called antiretroviral therapy. In this case life expectancy of 75 years is as high as the one of smokers. Precondition for taking on this insurance ist hat this therapy hast o be started shortly after infection.

Nevertheless some German insurance companies are yet unsure about longterm implications as there is no case until today that lasts more than 40 years of infection. Therefor it is necessary to consult your insurance broker and ask him to identify suitable insurers.

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